Gregory Stone
Greg Stone is a classic slacker, although he prefers the term "deferred novelist". He's a very nice guy, always ready with a smile and a joke.  He loves his collection of humorous t-shirts, which he thinks is actually a fashion statement. He's a little overweight, though he's still got his farm-boy good looks, with ruffled reddish hair and sky blue eyes, although the latter are hidden behind glasses (he's been meaning to get contacts, honest!).

A very intelligent, educated person, Greg is fun to talk to and enjoyable to listen to, though conversations about his two dead-end jobs are a bit of a sore point (just going to prove that intelligence doesn't guarentee success).  He is a bit of a geek, loving comics, sci-fi, and medieval role playing.  He's very shy around women, and is constantly doomed to be a beautiful woman's "nice guy friend".

Current Appearance:
Greg is a 5'4" buxom elven female with large blue eyes and long blonde hair, wearing a chain shirt and armed with a longbow and longsword.  She had nicely made but sturdy traveling clothes (tunic, leggings and boots) in soft foresty colors.
She's wearing a holy symbol to Fharlanghn, God of Travel.