Jake Franklin
Name: Jake Franklin
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Currently in the body of Sophia, a girl around 20 with dark red hair. She is a somewhat short, but attractive and very energetic young lady who seems to radiate cheerfulness even in the most dire circumstances.

In his own body:
Appearance: Standing at 6'3", Jake is a tall guy with a somewhat skinny build. His dark, shoulderlong hair is always somewhat messy-looking; a few bangs of it hang into his face, on which he seems to be wearing an almost perpetual smile. He dresses in light, comfortable clothing; a black shirt with the logo of a metal band is almost always part of the ensemble.

Background: Jake is the kind of guy that faces trouble with a smile. He goes through life with an easygoing attitude and a great deal of confidence in himself. This mindset was put to the test when he flunked out of college in his junior year - not from a lack of intelligence, as Jake is a reasonably bright guy, but mostly from chronic procrastination - having fun with friends is, in his mind, what college is there for. Flunking didn't shake him up too deeply, however; life goes on, as they say, and he later claimed that he'd always felt higher education wasn't for him. Currently he is drifting from one short-lived job to another, while also singing in a power metal band called Gryphon, which he started with a few friends in college and whose breakthrough he expects to come any day now.