John Maxwell
Name: John Maxwell
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Appearance: 6í1 and 172 lbs. John was really tall and really thin. He has brown hair that hangs down to his eyes that are also brown. He is usually seen wearing baggy cargo pants, a T-shirt, and a leather jacket. During cold to even moderately cool weather he is usually wearing a fur cap, though on bright days in the summer he usually has a boonie hat on. He is always wearing a pair of glasses, his eyesite isnít that bad but itís enough to make him wear them to see long distances, surprisingly they actually improve his eyesight pass 20/20. Heís almost always wearing a set of dog tags that belonged to his grandfather as a good luck charm(after all if he got thru a war there has to be something there)

Personality: He is really laid back, and a bit naÔve sometimes he canít even tell if youíre making fun of him. Heís pretty geeky but actually really dependable when it comes down to it. He is often going off into daydreams though if asked they tend to cover a broad range of topics. He has been accused of being a bit of a homophobe.

Background: John really done much in his life he was on the upper side of the class in school but it was obvious that he didnít really care too much. He spent most of his time hanging with friends, shooting guns with his dad or playing video games rather than studying. Even after graduation and enrolling in a community college he doesnít have any direction with his life just living day by day hoping that something will happen.

Preferred types of Transformation: Any really, but I don't know how being an inanimate object would be done. I'm will to try anything at least once.