Roberto Vargas
Name: Roberto Vargas
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Roberto stands about 6'0. He has a well-defined figure but is not overly muscular, and tan olive skin. He is clean-shaven, and has dark brown hair and brown eyes.
Background: Roberto had lived in several homes throughout his life, not really enjoying the stability of a happy home. He eventually got into trouble and was in and out of juvenile hall several times. Finally, after getting through juvie, he tried to do what he could to turn his life around. At the time that he got out though he was unsure of how to do that. His thoughts went to his sweetheart Rosalinda, whom he knew for most of his life, and seemed to be a minor stabilizing effect in his life. Roberto seems to be somewhat selfish, but can commit acts of selflessness when someone least expects it. He also can be very shy, but once he opens up, he becomes a lot more social.

Preferred types of Transformation: Mythological, Super Powers, Animals

>>>Currently Szordran Ssambra, Half-Drow