Scott Carson
Name: Scott Carson
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Appearance:  He is of average height (5'8") and weight 155 pounds. His dirty blond hair is shoulder length. He's trying to grow a beard, but it's rather scraggly; it's a little darker than his hair. Dresses in neat jeans and tee shirts with logos of his favorite comic books.

Background: He's a drama student at the local college. Unfortunately, he's not a very good actor and knows it. He's resigned himself to being one of the "behind the scenes people" which he finds a real bummer. Probably the thing he's best at is carpentry and putting the sets up.

He's a little bit clumsy, and tends to trip over his feet when he gets nervous. He finds that girls talk to him like he's their big brother, but don't tend to get involved with him which he also finds a major drag. He's lost count of the "girlfriends" that he's had that ended up with one of his roommates or other drama students.

Every week he goes to the comic shop to pick up his "fix" and usually hangs out for a while. He's decided to try some rpgs to see if that can help him "get into character" better. He's figuring that he wants a challenge, and what could be more challenging than a normal guy playing a female character with a female GM. That might give him some hints on how to act better, and who knows, he might get lucky and get a date if he's not a total dork about it.

Preferred types of Transformation: Gender, chronological, mythical, super powered, animal, animorph