Wolfgang Stienblat
Name:    Wolfgang Stienblat
Age:     19
Gender:  Male

   Wolfgang is six-foot-two-inches tall and has a clearly athletic build.  His brown hair is a somewhat shaggy mop on top of his head, but he knows just how to comb it necessary.  Steely gray eyes peer out from a well-defined face, but it's often hard to tell what he's thinking.  He normally wears a gray tank top, black jeans, sleeveless jean jacket and black boots.

   Wolfgang was raised on the road by his trucker father, Jake.  Together they traveled to every state, hitting every backwoods truck stop with a coffee shop.  When he was 16 he took off on his motorcycle to find his own way.  He fell in love with a waitress in Cheyenne and tried to settle down, but she cheated on him with a cook.  He's on the road once more, looking for something fun to do.

Preferred types of Transformation:
   I'm open to a lot of things, but near the top would be Transgender (Bonus: Busty and/or Pregnant), Inanimate, Animal/Anthro (bull/cow, horse, etc.), and Super Powers.  I think I'd like to try Pokemon, depending on how it goes.  Minor mental changes are okay, but only to make the transition easier, not to totally change my character's personality against his will.

     Wolfgang is currently inhabiting Vallisha, a busty, female, half-elf Seeker who's a skilled tracker and archer.  Her past is a mystery to Wolfgang, but he's been having strange memory flashes that lead him to believe he's in an area that is familiar to her.  He also finds himself watching carefully over the group, watching for danger around every corner.