Gary Burgess
Name: Gary Burgess
Age: 26
Gender: Male

Gary Brugess is a tall, sturdy figure of a man with deep blue eyes and wavy blonde hair. He stands at just over six feet tall, with muscles to match his rural upbringing. Stoic, he chooses his words carefully and speaks in a quiet rumble. What few things he says are spoken through a thick southern patois that can often be hard to understand. Gary more often than not hides his pine-green eyes behind sunglasses as much as he hides his heritage behind professional attire.

Background: (
Gary is the oldest of three, raised on a farm in the middle of nowhere - around Georgia. Although he was never any slouch when it came to hard work, Gary knew for sure that he didn't want to spend his life in the country. As soon as he got his diploma, Gary took out as many loans as he could and saw himself off to state college for a rigid course in business law. From there, he proved himself a star pupil and moved further north on grants and scholarships.

He's just recently graduated, but Gary's stoic and meticulous nature have won him no lack of employers - with a need to pay his loans off, Gary accepted a job out west, but on the stipulation that he be able to take the remainder of the year 'off' to see the country. This is his first vacation - driving across America, to see all that he can see and sew his wild oats.

Jarine Depandio is a narrow whisp of a girl, her angular features and fair skin pointing towards a life spent far from the hard fields and labors of the common people. She doesn't look a day over fifteen and has what appears to be a perpetually surprised expression. Her hair and clothes are wrinkled and bedraggled, as though she's not taken care of them for some time.