Lilly Trel'Therial

Lilly is a sun elf, who tends to wear black leathers, although there is a mithril shirt underneath. At her hip are a shortsword and a sickle, as well as numerous small blades. A 'sneak' by trade, and a professional 'handler' she hires out as a mercenary at times or a guide as well, as her original occupation was one of Evereska's infamous elven border guards, a well trained cadre of rangers, however that life bored her, although some say that she was too quick and thorough with dissuading humans that didn't belong there, from every rising again, and she didn't really enjoy Evereskan life. She is attractive but at times her smirk indicates that she's having less than savory thoughts. She is an expert on poisons, and manufactures many of her own concoctions, being an well versed alchemist and a quick study with new compounds. Where her wife works wonder with magic, Lilly works wonders with baneful toxins.

She is married to Aria, and the two of them have had some interesting escapades. She has a white and blue holy symbol of Akadi that she wears around her neck, which probably explains some of her flighty behavior. She wears a single ring on her left ring finger, which is a perfect match for Aria's and another on her foot as a toe ring.

Her chest tattoo, visible most of the time, at least partly unless she's geared up for a stealth mission, is the following:

It obviously means something, but she does not divulge what, nor does she get into conversations about it.