Zaria Dawnbringer
Although she wears the holy symbol of Lathander, Zaria doesn't look like a typical cleric.  Her studded leather armor seems rather plain but is of exceptional quality material with a small crystal.  Her clothes are also of simple but quality make, typically dark breeches and burgundy blouse though the bustier is flecked throughout with nonreflective silver.

What people usually notice before her protective wear is her long blonde hair that frames a pretty face.  Her eyes are her most unique feature, the color of melted gold.  Though she appears youthful there is a sense of wisdom beyond her years, as if she has already seen far more than any young adult she have and endured just as much or more than many twice her age.

She of average height, around five and a half feet, with a slender and very feminine build though she is physically fit and lightly toned.  Her expression can be quite friendly or playful but just as easily formidable and even intimidating when she wishes.  Zaria is definitely a study of contrasts, able to be tender with the smallest of babes or brutal with the evils that lurk and seek to harm those innocents she has vowed to protect.