Kyle McCain
Kyle is a large man standing at 6'2" with wide shoulders and well defined arms, the mans large and wide chest and legs make him appear to be larger than he really is. He moves with a grace not generally seen in men his size. He is wearing a Dark green tunic with blue trim around the next and wrists, a set of rust colored trousers that just below the knee are wrapped tight to the legs into a pair of three buckle brown boots. Over this lies a chain shirt and gambeson that shines blue in light, giving an indication of it's mithral make, a shield painted black with a pair of Crossed axes in red sits upon his back. About his person are various weapons, ranging from a crossbow and quarrels to a morning star, as well as the Doum that sits in his hands.

Kyle generally wears his black hair shaved close to his head and has dark brown almost black eyes that seem to be able to see into a man's soul. While Kyle's features are plain he still attracts people's eyes due to something about the way he carries his self.  (Having a nice CHA of 14).