Krysten Tyner
Krysten was not born a Mando.  In fact, she had never heard of the Mandalorians until her homeworld was razed by the Separatists as an example to the Republic when she was a child.  A squad of Mandalorians, employed by the Republic and trailing the Seps, found her among several other survivors in the rubble of the planets capitol.  She had appropriated a blaster carbine from one of the hundreds of droids that had been destroyed during the ground assault portion of the razing, and when the Mandalorian scouting party reached her hiding spot, she attacked them thinking they were another style of droid.  The first man she attacked took the blaster bolts on his armor, and had the quick thinking to stun her instead of kill her, and when she awoke, she was onboard one of their ships and headed for Mandalore.

Initially, she was very resistant to transitioning from that of a noble-born to that of a Mandalorian, though as time went on, she realized that what they were living was what she needed to get her revenge on the people responsible for the destruction of her home.  Krysten was eventually assimilated into the culture of Mandalore, and eventually became an adopted daughter of the man who had adopted her.  Though she got a late start, she absorbed everything her new-found family had to teach, while keeping the parts of her heritage that she could use when the situation called for it.

Through dedication and determination, Krysten was able to eventually prove herself as capable as those native to Mandalore, and once it was accepted that her efforts were genuine, she was welcomed with open arms into Mandalorian society.  Her happiness was not to last, however, and with three Standard years, she was the sole survivor of her adopted family during a raid on an Outer Rim pirate base that went horribly wrong.  Now, she is stranded on Nar Shadda, with naught but her armor, her weapons and her wits.  She refuses to pay for passage to Mandalore, preferring instead to wait until she can afford her own ship and outfit as she sees fit for her return to her adopted home planet.  It is her hope that by applying for a job at the Queen of Air & Darkness, she can supplement her income and find a ship that suits her personality.