Annabelle Lee
Character Name: Annabelle Lee
Nickname: Anne
Age: 113
Age Apparent: 22
Species: Part Fae Human

Powers: Anne ages incredibly slowly and heals faster than humans but not as fast as others. She has very keen senses including the ability to see the auras and natures of things able to read pasts and occasionally futures (this was at the cost of her actual eyesight). She is fast like fae, but her strength is only that of the maximum of human potential. Dream Riding, Noble Glamour and immaculate Weapon. Empathy and touch telepathy.

Basic Personality:  Anne is generally a fun woman, she enjoys a good party but gets very serious around her work. Ever inquisitive she can be driven by the need to get answers, to solve a mystery. In relationships she is generally devoted, but her nature of obsession can sometimes be a turn off if it is directed too strongly. She's an all in sort of woman, nothing is every done half-heartedly.

Merits: Intelligent, inquisitive, detail oriented
Flaws: Passionate, too driven
Quirks: Touching things frequently, smoker
Fears: Finding the unsolvable or worse, not being challenged.
Sexual Preference: Bisexual

Appearance: With typically waspy features that are a bit too attractive, her fae side comes through in many ways. Her eyes are deep violet, pinwheeling when actively using her powers like many fae. She usually wears glasses, though, and carries a cane since some new things have not yet existed enough to hold an aura. Nothing emotional clinging to them. Her body is toned, all 5'4" of it and she weighs 130 lb of lean muscle with a feminine curve. She generally wears dresses, no matter what. A quirk of her youth that never left. Day dresses, sun dresses, little black dresses, wrap dresses. It didn't matter, but it was always a dress she seemed to own nothing else.

History: Born a little over a century ago in New York, Anne's father was a bit of a Poe fan. He was also a raging alcoholic and died when she was 8, her mother having died in childbirth she never knew her name. Foster care she kept only her names from Poe, she had an affection for the Tell Tale heart even if her father was a worthless piece of shit.

In an orphanage she managed to educate herself in spite of everything around her and found she was great at puzzles. Then at 16 she left, but it was when everything changed. Her powers came, her eyes became something else. But she didn't care, she managed to get into Wellesley and was extremely successful. Psychology, anthropology, biology. She went for what seemed forever but was finally sated in a way that she felt she could go into the world.

Originally she worked only with the supernatural, she loved noir and became a detective. She was great at it, using her powers to find traitors, cheating partners, all sorts of things. But then it led to murders, thefts, far more intriguing especially playing games with those who were older, she learned to see the long game as well as the short.

Moving through the country she somehow ended up in this town, in love that lasted for a good decade. The breakup was recent but her PI agency is doing well and in these strange times there's plenty of work to be had.