Arthur Shemhazai
Name:  Arthur Shemhazai
Alias/Nickname: Art or Grim (short for Grimalkin, only truly close friends use this)
Age:  26
Gender:  Male
Species: Were-Leopard
Details or job description of Rank: Head of Pard.
Gifts: Superior senses, speed, strength, agility, fast healing.  Called by Vampires, heal by touch (licking).

Appearance: Standing at a rather small 5'8" tall, this male would appear to be a little over 20 years old, though he is truly 26.  His hair is long and raven black, falling to the middle of his back, held back by a silken strip.  His build is on the stocky side, showing lean, defined muscles.  He spends every morning working out before he opens his store, and it definitely shows.  His eyes are pigmented that of the purest of Emerald, but in the right light, rings of gold show through the Emerald hues.  His body is criss-crossed with scars from his childhood, knife-lines, stab wounds, and a slight bend to his nose from being broken one too many times.  His left arm has a rather nasty looking scar as well, from a rather unlucky run in with a hunter who tried to kill him, but missed.  The silver bullet pierced his bicep on the left arm, leaving a rather nasty scar but the damage was rather minimal in the long run.  The bullet passed through completely. At times, if the weather is foul, one can see him favoring that arm, but he tries not letting others see the pain it causes him.  His body can be found covered in many different fashions of baggy jeans, with holes in the knees or the legs and baggy shirts.  He sticks with Jnco's and Quiksilver brands.  His feet are covered in a pair of ragged looking Airwalks most of the time, if he is not wearing his rollerblades.  In his ear is a single gold loop, glinting under his baseball cap, always worn backwards.

Personality:  Arthur, Art to his friends, is a generally out-going sort.  He tends to make friends easily and stand out in a crowd for his sense of humor and his ever-ready laughter.  He is knowledgeable on quite a number of subjects due to running his own bookstore and occult shop.  He passes on the information he knows to those who would ask him, and does not ask much in return.  He does, however ask of his regulars that, if they find anything of otherworldly import or anything that he may be interested in, the bring it to him for inspection.
Merits:  Fearless, Outgoing, Center of Attention
Flaws:  Devil May Care Attitude, Risk-taker, slightly short-tempered.

IV History: Art was not turned by the method of some.  He did not get turned by a bad batch of vaccine.  He was turned because he made the wrong person angry.  It was easy to remember.  It would always be stuck in his nightmares.


While walking around the school, Art smirked and watched as pretty much everyone made means to get out of his way.  Except for the new kid.  What was his damage?  He always looked ready to rip someone apart.  'Oh well, he will learn soon enough to get outta my way just like everyone else,' thought Art as he moved, slamming his shoulder into the other male, brushing past effortlessly.  It did not register in his mind what was said until much later.  "Watch your back when the moon is full tonight, boy."

Later that night, on his way home from his work at the local cafe, Art took the usual shortcut to get home faster, cutting through alleyways.  He could swear he kept hearing rustling, but he wrote it off to rats.  Then, as the clouds parted, WHAM! He was tackled to the ground and he let out a scream as he felt the teeth of a large feline bite into his shoulder.  He came to find out later that it was a leopard, but not just your everyday Leopard.  It was one of the Winnipeg.  He blacked out from the sheer pain of it all, but his life would never be the same.

End Flashback

That was 10 years ago, before he moved away from his parents to Savannah.  He had to move because his parents were very angry when they found out what had happened to him.  They found out from a doctor when he did not come home from work, and disowned him in the hospital.  He had enough money saved to move and get his own place.  This was how his store came about, far away from his ashamed parents and their 'holier-than-thou' attitudes in quiet Kansas City.