Camryn MacKenzie
Name:  Camryn MacKenzie
Alias/Nickname: Rembrandt
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Details or job description of Rank: Forensic Chemist and Captain of S.I.
Gifts: Pyrokinesis, minor-to-midling Telekinesis (depends on his level of concentration, overuse gives him migraines), resistant to mind tricks.

Appearance: Rembrandt would be 6' even if he ever stood up straight, but he is almost always slouched in some fashion, be it sitting or standing.  His grey eyes hold both madness and brilliance within their pale depths.  His hair is a mousy brown, always disheveled like he has been running his hands through it too much or had just woken up.  He dresses in casual clothing, jeans, t-shirts and button-downs left open.  His shirts are always wrinkled to some extent, and his jeans all have holes and scorch marks on them.  About the only thing that never changes is what he keeps in his left-hand pants pocket.  An antique zippo, a memory of his sister, her name etched into the back of it.  The front, oddly enough portrays an angel with her arms spread in a welcoming gesture.

Personality:  Rembrandt is a very down-to earth sort of person.  He tends to be very family-oriented.  When someone finds their way into his heart, they stay there through good and bad.  He is always quick with jokes, even if it tends to make him a target at times.  He can hold his own in a fair fight, but is not above resorting to chaos to resolve a fight should it come to that.  He can quite often be found talking to himself, or rambling on aimlessly.  He has, over the years, been driven insane by his power, but he still holds great intelligence.

Merits:  Stoically Loyal, hard-working, very attentive to detail
Flaws: short-tempered, over-persistant, Over analytical sometimes, haunted by dead sister, deranged from his power

IV History:

Rembrandt was raised by a middle-class family, but he was taught well.  His parents were both military members, and were deployed often.  He was left in the care of his paternal grandmother because she lived near the base his parents had been stationed at.  He was one of two children, with a three year difference between himself and his sister.

On his sixteenth birthday, his parents were supposed to be there with him, but their deployment was minutely extended, causing them to arrive late.  It was late in the evening when they finally showed, and his sister was trying to calm him down.  He was sitting in the front yard when they pulled into the driveway.  He glared at his parents for being late, tears streaming down his face.  He had received his grandfather's vintage zippo lighter as a present from his grandmother and he was compulsively playing with it.  When his parents approached him to explain, something within his mind snapped and he lashed out with flames in a chaotic fury.  His sister, caught in the crossfire between him and the target of his rage due to one more broken promise, was killed instantly, burnt beyond recognition.  Both parents died as well but they were identifiable.  There was an investigation into the incident, and they came to deduce that he was a firebug and locked him away until he had shown some measure of control over it.

They couldn't rightly lock away a 16 year old boy, whose powers chose that moment to manifest, in jail.  He was sent to the nearest asylum for counselling and everything else.  That was twelve years ago, and he has been free for two years, but not without his mental scarring.  He is haunted by his dead sister, and any who know his history can gather that he is speaking to his sister, not himself, when he speaks aimlessly.  While he was institutionalized, he gained a degree in chemistry and ancient literature from the local college.  He has since joined the KCPD as a forensic chemist.  At the good graces of Alex Mathers, he is part of the Special Investigations group.