Tynan Delaney
Character Name: Tynan Delaney
Nickname: Ty
Age: 873
Age Apparent: 26
Species: Vampire
Powers: Senses, Strength, Rolling, Empathy, Rise Early, Human Servant Creation, Call Animals (Leopards), Read Minds, Call Shadows
Basic Personality:  Over the centuries, Ty has developed a great love for art and books.  He knows far more than most would give him credit for.  He is in some ways an entrepeneur and an eccentric, others an idiot savant.
Merits: Intelligent, Quick-witted, Persuasive, Kind
Flaws: Too compassionate for own good, Overlooks small details, not good at every-day tasks.
Quirks:  Likes to talk in riddles, Clothes from different ages.
Fears: Loss of Humanity (more so than being a vampire), Loss of someone he became emotionally attached to.
Sexual Preference:  Hetero

Appearance: Tynan stands at an even six feet in height, and dresses to suit his mood.  He has a wide range of old-world and new-age clothing.  His body is leanly muscled, with eyes the blue of a Caribbean ocean.  His hair is long and a light red, almost strawberry blonde in hue, though he likes to keep the tips died black.  His arms are covered in blue and red arching, swirling patterns.  These markings, to those who knew their history, marked him as old, far older than most.  Some would just see them as beautiful designs, others would know they marked him as an Irishman who followed the old teachings.

History:  Coming from a farmer's family in Ireland back in the early 1100s, Ty was raised to be stout and hard-working.  He loved his life, and lived it well.  When he reached adult-hood, he roamed the Irish country-side, exploring, learning, working his way from area to area.  He hired himself out as a strong arm should any farmers need an extra pair of arms as he travelled.  He then ran across what he thought was a viking camp on the shoreline, several years after his sojourn began.  Upon investigation, he came to find that it was no viking camp, but a Vampire out enjoying the moonlight one night.  She was a marvelous creature, all pale beauty and curves to make any man succumb to her whims.  He approached her, not knowing what she truly was, thinking her a Gypsy or a Nomad much like himself.  As they talked, he felt himself losing himself to her voice and her charms.

She convinced him to stay with her, retreating to the sea-side caves before dawn.  She fed from him, and ended up turning him.  They traveled together, exploring the world as a whole, bartering travel with those with ships they could hide from the daylight in by their wiles and their voices.  More than once she bartered with her body, but Ty never questioned it.   As the centuries wore on, Esme taught Ty everything about what he now was.  They spent many years behind the scenes, watching as the world changed.

When the Vampires became legal in the US, he and his Sire moved there, travelling about the country again, just exploring this new land, keeping behind the scenes.  One fateful night, he wtinessed her death at the hands of several members of Humans First, and he retreated from that city, travelling half-way across the country to Kansas City.  He opened himself a club in the city, under the thinking that hiding in plain sight was the easiest way to hide.  He has also taken on the responsibility of being the Master of the City, relying on his mate, Raven, to assist him in such a lofty undertaking, along with all the other duties they both already have.