Charlotte Kendall
Character Name: Charlotte Kendall
Nickname: Charlie, Char
Age: 21
Age Apparent: 21
Species: Human
Powers: Just a basic human, so far ;)

Basic Personality: Charlie tends to be a fairly happy and carefree person, despite this though she has a dark past that makes her wary of truly getting close to anyone around her. Though of course she has had best friends and close relationships in her past, those still took work and she always kept one secret close to her heart and that she never actually told anyone. She is usually friendly to everyone and when she does care about a person she is fiercely protective of them. She tends to be an outgoing and adventurous young woman with a streak for getting in a little bit of trouble here and there as well.

Merits: Happy, adventurous, outgoing, loyal, protective, knowledgable, friendly
Flaws: protective, troubled, slightly closed off, etc

Quirks: Tends to bite her lower lip when she is feeling shy or uncomfortable. Blushes easily, etc.

Fears: Having what happened in her past happen again(see history), getting close to others, sea crabs, falling
Sexual Preference: bisexual

Appearance: Charlie stands at about 5 foot 4, not too short yet not quite on the tall spectrum either. She has a slender and toned body from years of gymnastics and dance, save for a scar that runs across her back from being attacked as a child. Though her body is fit she still has the appropriate curves with large breasts and a round bottom. She has long flowing blonde hair that falls to her lower back, usually its in a mess of soft waves, but occasionally she straightens it. She has a porcelain complexion as well as bright blue eyes that seem to glow on occasion, in addition she has a straight nose and a full plump mouth. Charlie is usually seen in a variety of clothes ranging from jeans to leggings and dresses; as well as old concert t-shirts, blouses, and everything in between.

She also has each ear pierced twice on each lobe, and a cartilage piercing in her right ear that is usually hidden by her hair. Though she only wears earrings on occasion the holes have stayed nicely healed and open. In addition to the piercings Charlie also has a tattoo of her parents names on her back in a curvy script, they sit nicely on her right shoulder blade.

History: Until she was 10 Charlie lived a fairly normal life, she grew up in a two story house with her mother and father, Kate and Tom, as well as her brother Kian. She went to gymnastics and school, hung out with friends, and was pushed around by her older brother. One night her house was broken into though and a man killed Charlie's parents as well as her brother. The police had been called by a neighbor though and the man only had enough time to drag his knife down Charlie's sleeping back before he was caught and gunned down.

After a few years of therapy and living with her Aunt, Meredith, Charlie was more or less okay. Of course she still had nightmares and issues, but she channeled it into being a good happy person, and for the most part she was. Everyone had their issues though. She spent her time in high school doing all the normal things people did, she still did gymnastics and dance until she was 18 and spent some time on her high schools cheer squad. At 18 she went into college and found she wanted to move away. The place she had grown up still reminded her of the horrible act that had happened to her and her family and she wanted a fresh start. Packing her things and saying goodbye to the wonderful aunt that had raised her Charlie decided to move to Kansas City in hopes of a fresh start.