Jennifer Mendez
Character Name: Jennifer Mendez
  Nickname: Jen
  Age: 28
  Age Apparent: 28
  Species: Human
  Powers: Witch - magic in many aspects. Gathers energy from an ecstatic tradition. Pleasure, pain, transcendence

  Basic Personality: Jen is a nice person, honestly. She is the local head of the secular humanist society, fights for equal rights. But she has a hard side, vicious even, to those that are bigots. She has put more than one curse on local politicians and business leaders.
  Merits: Kind, helpful, strong willed, good musician
  Flaws: Petty and vindictive.
  Quirks: Twirls her hair when she thinks.
  Fears: That things will go back instead of forward
  Sexual Preference: Gay

  Appearance: Jen is a simple woman. Ears pierced, light makeup, typically seen in casual clothes no matter the time. Her hair is a dark brown and her features are still a bit more cute than anything else since she's carrying a few extra pounds.. She's not tall, really she's petite, and wearing flats doesn't help. But she always seems rather self assured about her appearance. Her skin is a lighter tan, she doesn't tend to go in the sun much but would darken if she did.