Tara Campbell
Character Name: Tara Gráinne Campbell
Nickname: TC
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Age Apparent: 25
Species: Human (Witch)
Powers: Magic
Basic Personality: TC is highly determined both in her life and in her job, she is highly capable and adaptable, as well as being empathetic but she also tends to be emotionally vulnerable, she is her own worst critic and often broods on her own perceived failures or the horrible things she's seen, which can causes moments of profound depression.
Merits: Profound, Giving, Determined
Flaws: Troubled, Depressed, Long-Suffering
Quirks: Superstitious
Fears: Failure, Messing Up, Humiliation
Sexual Preference: Lesbian

Appearance: TC is a tall and athletic women with pale caucasian skin and blonde hair that is cute masculinely short, at times she actually enjoys looking like the lesbian stereotype, her eyes are a dark grey and her face is sharp and aquiline. In general the best way to describe her is that she is far more handsome that beautiful and in general she likes it that way, her body has several tattoos on it most of them relatively new with ancient celtic designs mixing with modern new age religion symbols. Although on her right arm she still has a pink double headed axe tattoo on her upper arm from when she was in college and in her early in your face phase.

For clothes she is usually either seen in KCPD uniform or when serving plain clothes she tend toward plainer clothes usually blue jeans, button down shirts, and the occasional light jacket. She doesn't wear earrings or other jewelry very often usually just a silver necklace with the moon and antlers of her faith on it and the university or academy ring on her finger.

History: TC was born on a US Naval Base around Dublin Ireland, her father was a Alexander Campbell was young officer was a serving officer there during the tail end of the Cold War and her mother Minerva O'Hara was a local Irish arts major. The two meet and fell in love when they were both a part of a local gaelic poetry and literature club, Alexander having learned the language from his gaelic scot father who was a immigrant to the United States and Minerva from her parents. The two were married not long after, the young family moved around a lot as Alexander was transferred from base to base until the end of the cold war when Alexander turned in his commission and returned home to Leavenworth, Kansas.

TC is the youngest of five children the family has had and like her sisters grew up listened to old gaelic poetry and stories as a girl with the language becoming as much a part of her life as English. Even then the young girl had a passion for the old stories often dressing up and playing out the old celtic stories as a girl trending to be in the legends like Lugh of the Longspear or Dagma the Honey Tongued. Tara was a classical tomboy who grew up rough houses, climbing trees, and exploring her families far when she was tucked away in a corner reading some book or helping her parents with the endless daily chores around the farm. As she grew older she grew even more passionate about the old stories studying them and their histories and even began to expand her reading to other cultures histories and fables, for some reason they always spoke to her more deeply and emotionally than anyone else. Her life changed forever one night when she was twelve years old when on a dare from one of her older sisters and a week of preparations she performed one of the old celtic pagan rituals she kept reading about in her books. To the shock of herself and her sisters the markings on the floor of her room glowed with light and for the first time Tara felt the magic that had been inside her all of her life.

Her parents after hearing the story immediately took her to the local University to see the professor of Arcane Sciences, who after interviewing the girls and examining the scared young woman confirmed that Tara had been born with magical abilities. The Professor a older woman and a witch herself offered to teach the young girl methods to control her magic until she reached an age where she could decide whether she wanted to continue learning about her abilities or not. After getting over the initial fear and shock TC proved herself a able student and learned to control the magic inside her as well as mastering small rituals from the books she continued to read. After graduating with fairly good grades from high school TC chose to go on to college and like her mentor major in the Arcane Sciences, while in college the young woman had her first sexual experience which was with another woman. The other woman was just happy to experiment but for Tara she had effectively discovered her sexuality, something she had suspected for a long time but had never tried to confirm before then. Also around this time that several magical experiences and visions she'd had lead the young woman to religion in the form of celtic neopaganism and she joined a coven of Georgian Wiccans at her college.

Tara had originally gone to college planning on only studying the Arcane Sciences wanting to learn more about her powers then maybe become a historian or professor but instead her life lead her in another direction after she received a vision after one night of worship with her coven. The vision guided the young woman toward advertisement just placed upon the Universities message boards offering scholarship money for Witches willing to major in both the arcane sciences and criminology with the eventual goal of working on the police force in specialized cases of magical crimes. From then on Tara Campbells life was set and she hasn't looked back since.