Moragen Laurent
Character Name: Silver Nightshade

Age: 35

Age Apparent: mid 20's

Species: Human-witch/peacekeeper

Job: Elder witch

Powers: Psychic, Healer, Mild Mind Reading, Wisdom beyond Her age, Magic through Knowledge

Basic Personality: Peacekeeper to all Species. Always willing to help those in need, whether they are supernatural or human. Reserved but friendly. Open but mysterious.

Merits: Quiet strength, strong willed, Protector, Intelligent

Flaws: suffers massive headaches, hard time controlling some powers, lonely, easily drained

Appearance: Silver Nightshade stands a little shy of 6'. Her body well proportioned. Supple like a willow. Her hair is as black as the midnight sky. Hanging thick down her back, almost to her knees. Worn normally in one single thick braid, silver and deep purple ribbons woven through it. She can be found to wear black dresses the reach beyond her height. The material black velvet, hints of silver can be seen when she moves. Adorning her feet are black satin slippers. Her skin is a medium tan color. Her most striking feature is her eyes. They are amber in color. A simple silver chain adorns her neck, moonstone resting in the center. Small silver hoops adorn 3 holes in each ear. Once in a while one will catch rare glimpses of markings tattooed on her body. In the center of her forehead is a tattoo of a quarter moon. Her eyes are bright with a distant look to them. Like she is looking at something that can't be seen, but she is always aware of what goes on around her.

History: Silver Nightshade was orphaned when very young. She knows nothing of her parents or her real name. No one has ever been able to explain the strange markings on her body. She has random dreams of things that have yet to happen. Her most vivid dreams come around the time of the full moon every month. For as long as she could remember she has been an outcast. Most of the foster families she lived with ridiculed her. She barely remembers that one family encouraged her to be who she was, knowing she was different.