Carmaline Ember
Character Name: Carmaline Ember

Nickname: Carma

Age: 27...or is it 532?

Age Apparent: 20s

Species: Vampire

Powers: Senses, Strength, Rolling, Deep Rolling, Empathy (with Lie Detection), Rise Early, Human Servant Creation, Read Minds (touch only), Psychometry (read objects), Hide Presence

Basic Personality:  Carmaline is bubbly, energetic, always engaged with whoever she talks to.  A natural leader, she has a talent for stepping into a situation, analyzing it and deploying people accordingly.  She's unfailingly polite with superiors, considerate of colleagues and kind to those beneath her.

Merits: Centuries of experience, powerfully intelligent, talented at managing people.

Flaws: Unable to leverage her experience, powerfully frustrated by the need to play the role, deeply conflicted over what she wants

Quirks: Compulsive matchmaker, insatiably organized, interrupts her own sentences.

Fears: Losing her children, falling in love with her children, being found out, going native.

Sexual Preference: Bisexual (Carmaline prefers women, Elisabeth prefers men, Carma is thus somewhere in the middle).

Appearance: Carmaline is a beautiful woman, though she's more wholesome than seductive.  Willowy in build, the slender woman has wavy blonde hair tumbling down her back and soft blue eyes like the afternoon sky after a storm.  She favors sundresses, broad-brimmed hats and a truly amazing collection of purses and pumps.

History - The Lie
Carmaline was born in Sussex, England, to a Michael and Rosalind Beckett.  Although she spent her formative years in England, her parents ended up immigrating to Kansas City when she was 16, largely because they wanted to be close to care for Carmaline's grandfather, Barnaby Beckett, who'd settled in Kansas City himself years ago with an American wife.

Finishing her schooling in America was awkward but Carmaline was always an exceptional student.  By the time she was 18, her plans to go to college in England were sidelined as she'd acquired an American girlfriend who convinced her that the two of them should go to University of Kansas instead.  The girlfriend didn't last but Carmaline still ended up graduating with a B.S. in Business, where upon she promptly landed an internship at General Motors doing admin work.  A year later, she was a Project Coordinator in their Project Management Office and within three years after that, she was a certified Project Manager.

During that time, Carmaline landed a girlfriend/partner/wife named Natasha Ember and they had two daughters together, Anna and Rosalind.  They were well on their way to happy ever after.  At least until a vampire snatched the two of them.  Natasha was killed in front of her horrified eyes but Carmaline was bitten and drained repeatedly until the brink of death brought her back as a vampire.  By then, the monster who'd done this had rolled her so powerfully she couldn't even remember his name.  All she remembers of the month she spent in captivity is that she somehow ended up in England again and that apparently several vampires destroyed each other, leaving her free to return home.

Life hasn't been easy since.  Carmaline's a fledgling vampire now struggling to hold down her job as a Project Manager while working on proving to the state that she can be trusted around her two children, currently being raised by her parents.  On top of that, there's the the Master of the City to get used to, finding out what he wants or expects of her.  Life hasn't been easy for Carma since joining the ranks of the dead but, on the bright side, things can only improve, right?

History - The Truth:
Elisabeth Windsor was born in 1482, the only daughter of a minor but very wealthy noble.  Marrying well, she was content to raise children and write English madrigals to pass the time, if her exceptional beauty hadn't caught the attention of Tallon Nestme, a powerful master vampire from the bloodline of the Traveller.  Rolling her deeply, Tallon made her his besotted vampire companion and the two traveled for several centuries.  When he grew bored of her and took more women to serve him, Elisabeth became fiercely jealous and eventually broke free of him to set out on her own.  Traveling home, she took up residence in Surrey and eventually claimed control of the region from the Master of the City, ascending to master status herself.

If Elisabeth had a preoccupation, it was with her mortal bloodline.  Centuries later, Tallon caught up to her and tried to usurp her from Surrey only to find she'd grown too strong in her time away from him.  Determined to supplant her, Tallon sought out Elisabeth's relatives in hopes of finding leverage.  Instead, he found the lovely young Carmaline...who was a mirror-perfect image of her distant ancestress.  The devious vampire promptly rolled her, turned her and brought her back to England with a plan to kill the defiant Elisabeth and replace her with the pliable, controllable Carmaline leaving no one the wiser.  When the two battled at last, though, Elisabeth triumphed, though at the cost of her descendent.

Their battle unfortunately drew the attention of the police.  Realizing the Vampire Council would be on their heels as a result, Elisabeth concocted a daring plan; impersonate her own descendant and take her place back in America.  It's been several months since then and even now, Elisabeth struggles to hide her power from notice while managing Carmaline's life, using her psychometry to replicate her descendant's memories by touching her home and all her possessions.  If only those memories weren't so strong, the joy of raising the children she was denied centuries ago less tempting.