Name: Lambrac SeKilderic
Race: Lantanna Human
Class: Factotum

Lambrac was a man of fine and angular, almost-elven features, with large and slightly almond-shaped green eyes, and pale yellow skin like parchment. A mop of copper-red hair was tied back in a loose pony tail. All marked him as Lantanna. His exotic good looks were tempered by a hardness of fitness and experience, and a few day's stubble, adding a rugged strength as well. He was of average height and slender build, and moved fluidly with grace and balance, but with a compact musculature that belied his lightness.

He wore a wide-brimmed yellow sun hat, loose brown breeches, sturdy boots, and a once-white shirt unbuttoned for air. A leather vest provided a little armour. Belt, bandoleer and backpack were slung around, each carrying pouches items, a sheathed rapier and dagger, and a rather large crossbow.