Aerin of Damar
Aerin stands at about 6ft tall and is typically dressed in exquisite golden fullplate armor made from dragon scales and wearing heavy, clawed gauntlets, both of which seem to be crafted from golden dragon scales. The woman is equipped with a heavy darkwood shield and various arms, noticeably two greatswords on her back, and is bearing herself with noble demeanor.

While her armor undoubtedly makes her stand-out from ANY crowd, her features are bound to draw attention whenever she is unarmored. Aerin's face strongly shows her draconic heritage. Golden scales cover most of her body, with claws adorning her fingers. Her features have changed from a hardened Rashemi's, showing even more of her golden dragon ancestry.

The warrior moves with precision and obvious strength, rather than the elegant grace of the elven race but is in no way clumsy. When in combat it becomes obvious that she is a veteran of many a battle and willing to take charge to turn the tide in her favor and everyone on her side.