Kaijn Tur'kin
Kaijn stands 6feet 2inches. Estimated guess say he is in his prime age, around the 30 years.
His body is of average build, and not scrawny as so many other arcance spell casters. He has emerald green eyes, and upon closer
inspection its noticed that his pupil is encircled in a yellow ring. These eyes seem to hide wisdom and knowledge beyond that of normal
man. His lips are thin and a smile is upon them. High cheek bones give the association of elvish descent, but his ears do not appear
pointy. His darkblonde hair is cut to shoulder length, with 2 wisps of hair falling down on each cheek, almost encircling his face in a
"hairy" halo.
He is clad in a blood red velvet robe that covers him to the middle of his shins. His feet are in a black pair of leather boots. A long black cloak flows down his back and is clasped shut by a silver brooch around his neck. The belt around his waist has few pouches attached and various other ingredients
All his clothing is of noble quality. He looks wealthy but not extravagant.