Orophear Mithrandir
Orophear is young by elven standards. His angular features stand out more due to the stark white color of his hair. His eyes are a bright blue which sparkle with flecks of gold when in the right light. He wears sturdy leather travelling clothing mostly with a shiny mithril breastplate, greaves and shoulderpads. He wears a sturdy cloak which is fastened by a brooch , the CRITH KESH HET, a badge signifying Orophear as a member of the Duskblades. The symbol is a set of quarter moons with the tips facing upwards, the top moon slightly smaller and a curved elven longsword tip down through both moons with a star on either side of the hilt. He is rarely seen without that brooch but even less so is he seen without the finely crafted longsword that hangs comfortably about his hip. He has a small bow and quiver slung over his shoulder and his belt is rife with small pouches.