Tseran Tal'chiar
Tseran Tal'chiar, the Diviner, is a tall and cadavorously slender moon elf (somewhere around six foot one in fact), whose hair is a silvery and somewhat erratic mane that flows back over his shoulders where it's braided into a tail that's nothing like as stylish as it would probably look on an androgynous, large-eyed juvenile with an oversized sword.

 Possessed of typical elven grace and slenderness, he lacks the radiant personal charisma possessed by some spellcasters, and is instead forced to settle for an air of robed mystery - his eyes are the only things one can pick out as being distinctive about his appearance, an almost icy-pale blue and gleaming with the sort of secrets that you learn by staring too long into an abyss without really understanding what you're seeing.

 Physically his gaunt and lanky frame suggests that he manages to spend a fair proportion of his time sitting crouched in an unergonomic position over a piece of particularly interesting parchment, adding to the impression of a man who in a different time and place might very well have specialised in the even more arcane world of difference engines than divination.

 For clothing he's usually to be seen in the traditional robes of an arcanist, flowing silks and velvets cut to elven style largely conceal his features except when the hood is drawn down, accessorised with a slender and intricate silver circlet and a few small pieces of tasteful jewellery.