Maelarra Hlartrym
The Lady Maelarra Hortensia Celaci Sunflower Aurellia Efficiency Hlartrym, of the Hlartryms of Procampur, is a tall and slender woman of regal beauty, and every inch the noble breed. Flowing golden tresses spill down around her long neck, past golden chains and fine amulets, including the gold coin of Waukeen. With a proud and haughty demeanor, her sharp green-gold eyes inspect the world, as if appraising it for its worth. Strangely, the pupils of her eyes are golden, not black; a closer inspection reveals them to be miniature coins.

In good company, she wears a fine green-and-gold dress, with billowing skirts and puffy sleeves, covered in laces and silks perfect for a noble's ball, not so good for manoeuvering around close objects.

When travelling and adventuring, she wears rather more common clothing, though
an inspection will reveal they come from the best tailors and suit modern
fashions sturdy boots, breeches, and shirt cover her beneath a warm cloak. A
golden cloak spills behind, while around her waist she keeps potions and scrolls handy. In battle, she swings a dagger or shoots a crossbow.

And following along behind, carrying her haversack and other gear, is her valet
Tamae, a mousy girl of few words and great patience.