She is your average looking pretty Blue Skinned Twilek. Supple and lithe, well endowed. Surely a nice one to look at, but woefully untrained in the arts that make her species desirable.


Blue Twileks are common enough. Either in the role of criminals or as slaves/pets dancing girls. The race is known to be smooth operators and has agility. What they are  not known for is technical skills and knowledge. Yet that is exactly what Agial'ili is. Born in captivity as property of a governor her intellect was proven a novelty and on a whim her owner decided to give her proper education in academic and technical skills.

She graduated with great marks and skills that were unique for her race and her owner had great plans for his new property when her shrewd mother came up with enough money to buy her daughter freedom much to his chagrin.Your mother borrowed the money to buy your freedom from a man named Galor Splynn.  In exchange, you have "agreed" (read: didn't really have a choice) to work off your debt by running a series of missions with a "hand picked crew" that Splynn has put together.  Refuse and you go back to your previous owner and your mother then becomes liable for the debt.

These are not nice people you've gotten involved with.  But at least there's the promise of total freedom in the near future and you get to travel and work on a ship while paying off your debt.