Q7-P10 is a Clone Wars surplus Q7 astromech who once served as the droid backup of a clone pilot flying a V-wing fighter.  The Clone Wars were a long time ago, however, and the little droid has seen a lot of action since then.

Physically, he resembles two R2-unit domes welded together to form a sphere.  The top hemisphere houses his optic, main tool panels, and processor.  The bottom hemisphere has a few more tool panels but is mostly filled with the repulsorlift that allows the little astromech to hover across the ground instead of rolling on treads like a normal astromech droid.

Mentally, he acts like a grizzled old war veteran with a filthy mouth and a bit of a perverse streak (he's a "leg man" by his own admission).  Q7 acts and "talks" less like a droid and more like a person due to him never having received a mind wipe in his 20+ years of existence and very liberal reprogramming at the hands of Burress Veran.

When unplugged from his receptacle on the bridge, he's restricted to the typical astromech Binary boops and beeps.  When on the bridge and connected to the computer, however, Chatterbox--the ship's droid brain comm center--provides a voice and autotranslation for the mouthy little hoverball.