Character Name: Metzz Klik Tk   Template Type: Verpine Engineer  Species: Verpine
Sex: Hermaphrodite Masculine   Height: 1.9m                      Weight:   Age: ??

Physical Description:
Verpine are thin bipedal insectoids, standing 1.9 meters tall on average.  Unlike many insectoids, the Verpine had only four limbs (two arms and two legs).  Their heads are dominated by large, black, compound eyes. They also have two antennae, one located behind each eye. Their hardened carapace, composed of a green chitinous substance called carahide, is as flexible as the skin of other creatures, yet tough enough to deflect a blade or even absorb a glancing blaster bolt.  The Verpine circulatory system did not contain a heart at least, not an organ which Human physiologists would identify as a heart.