Dackson Kulname
Dackson Kulname is just your average hulking bald and close cropped brown bearded Human...  So far as that's average?  A cliche trio of slash scars over his right eye are mostly concealed by his terrible taste in sunglasses.

Some men are defined by their victories, other their loss.  One day on the job as bouncer for Dackson was mostly the latter.  The unenviable position of having to tell a drunk Wookie they have to leave, and going through with it.

On that day Dackson learned that yes, Wookies can and will tear your arm out of it's socket.  He also learned that you can't quite manage to choke a drunken Wookie to death with your remaining arm before you pass out from shock and blood loss.  Worst of all, how many numbers are on the medical bills for getting your arm grafted back on.