Harry Selous
Character Name: Harry Selous

Type: Galactic Big Game Hunter

Species: Human

Height: 6 ft 7 in  Weight: 300 lbs Sex: male  Age: 43

Physical Description:
Harry is a big guy, though big doesn't really cut it. He doesn't exactly look muscular, but isn't fat either just really big. His close cut blond hair makes him look very militaristic, and his dark blue eye always seem to be watching everything at the same time.

Harry is an established big game hunter. He's been Rancorr hunting, taken part on a Kashyyk safari, He even hunted a greater Kryat dragon once for three weeks straight, only to find it's lair and barley escape alive, though he managed to remove one of it's legs, an eye, and one of the tendrils that came off it's neck. All his feats were up for display in the trophy room of his very nice house, with some very special ones kept on his ship, 'The Predator'.

Unfortunately, he may have been caught on some security monitors on a little moon that served as an corporate executive's private safari moon. He also may have shot one of the guards that came after him as he was escaping, and he may or may not have beaten one of the bounty hunters the exec sent after him within inches of death with his bare hands. This of course incurred a large amount of fines that even he couldn't pay, putting him in the prison workshops for what
surely would have been the rest of his life, as well as confiscating all his trophies and his ship.

Luckily, or unluckily, he was bought by Mr. Splynn. Now he's got real work to do.

He's attentive to detail but slow to act. His patience has been honed by years of tracking big game, but then again, so has his ego. He likes to think he's the best hunter in galactic history. He really enjoys hurting things, but his favorite part is toying with his prey. He's definitely not above killing sentient either, since it's his belief that everything is an animal sooner or later. He's also slow to trust people, but once he does, those people are usually glad they earned it.

A Quote:
"You know, there's an old story I once read called 'The Most Dangerous Game'. I've seen worse then that."

Connection with other characters:
Brought in after the prison break, Harry doesn't know any of the other crew members. It might take him a while to become part of the "team".