Tarsk Bola
Character Name:  Tarsk Bola
Type:  "Handler"
Species:  Gungan
Height:  1.9m         Weight:  80 kilos          Sex:  Male         Age:  40
Physical Description:  A brown-skinned Otolla Gungan of typical height
and build.  He has long mouth whiskers and his left ear flap is heavily
scarred from a fight in his youth.  Dresses rough and dirty, like a
stereotypical smuggler.

Bola's Gungan accent is variable, almost as if he's intentionally trying to sound less Gungan.  Given how his race is often portrayed in vids on the Holonet--as bumbling, provincial, simple-minded comic relief characters--it makes sense that he would strive to shed his Gungan pidgin in order to be taken more seriously.