Miss Adventure!
Eccentric adventure junkie cat-girl with portal powers

Miss Adventure is a young superhero who sometimes goes by the name Mittens.  Perhaps because she's a few kittens short of a litter, or perhaps because she looks like she's part cat and thought the name cute.  ( picture ).  Relentlessly cheerful, energetic, and often eccentric, she an adventurer's adventurer!  Whether it's challenging the world record for the most flaming sharks juggled on a unicycle tightrope ride over the grand canyon, or saving a kidnapped baby from a communist vampire castle riddled with explosive traps and swarming with flying nuclear ninjas, there's never a dull moment with her around!  Mittens hasn't told anyone the reason for her strange appearance or what the source of her power to make flying physics-defying portal discs appear from nowhere is, but you can be sure she'll be having a hole lot of adventure making villains drop into the pitfall of justice!

Name: Mittens
Codename: Miss Adventure
Age: Young Adult
Race: Earthling  (Looks like an FFXI Mithra)
Gender: Female
Team affiliation (Temporary Deputy of the U.N. Alien Defense Force.  Or was it Earth Defense Force?)
Contacts (Several superheroes and her friends and family.)
Physical Description in/out of costume: Ye old catgirl with human face.  But not with 2 sets of ears.  That's just weird.  Also, pigtails.
Powers:  Pretty much, imagine the Aracuan  Update!  After spending years in spaaace under the guidance of an alien Zen master, Mittens now has full compliment of Jedi space samurai superpowers.  Probably the coolest being deflecting blasters with a lightsaber.  She also got herself a cool alien A.I. wired into her brain with which she can wirelessly interact with her various alien-wear gadgets hands free.  Primarily used as a gopro that records almost everything she experiences.  (Although the model is capable of recording all 21 human senses [yeah, you have way more than 5], it can't really record the ESP stuff she learned from space samurai training.)
Skills: Athletics, Acrobatics, Swordsmanship, Perception, Piloting, Skullduggery, Puns, Way smarter than she lets on
Occupation: Adventurer
Highest level of education: 1 year of College, 1 year of Correspondence Law Enforcement Training.
Background: Sometimes High School field trips are just that awesome!