Maverick Sargas
Name: Maverick Sargas
Age: 14 (apparent age 10)
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Maverick is a little boy with dark brown hair, green eyes, and standing at 4'6". He tends to wear dark colors; Dark gray, black, dark blue. Most times, he just wears black. He tends to keep a cloak with him that has a hood.
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Public Info about Maverick:
Maverick is your classic boy scout. Not only is he literally in the boy scouts and earns every merit badge one can get a hold of, he helps at the nearby homeless shelter and often visits retirement homes and orphanages.

Maverick has a rather structured life and anyone who knows him can easily get a hold of his schedule. He is known to keep meticulous notes and is also often seen hanging out with the police.

Name: Wraith
Age: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male

Public Info about Wraith:
Wraith is thought to be a physical being, despite his name and appearance (hint: he looks like a Wraith), but his voice sounds supernatural, his robes and cloak phase through things, shadows seem to writhe on his form, and one report claimed Wraith doesn't have a heartbeat. He is known to carry several different weapons and tools on him, but so far has only been seen wielding a pair of Rambo knives. Wraith is a skilled fighter, and is known to have used Krav Maga techniques.

Note: Nobody has been told that Maverick is Wraith (A few very close friends have guessed he is, though)

From here on is the information is not public and would only be gained through roleplay or by clearing it with GMs:

Maverick/Wraith's powers:

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Immortal: Maverick himself doesn't know this yet, but he is immortal. It is the reason he stopped aging.
Regeneration: Maverick is able to regenerate wounds at a rate so fast, you can see a small cut heal right behind what cut him. As a result, he doesn't get sick by natural means, nor can he scar. Healing from more extreme wounds causes him to be hungry and the more harm he sustains, the hungrier his regeneration makes him.

Maverick/Wraith's skills:

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Krav Maga: After some research, Mav discovered this martial art just had all the things he wanted and just as importantly, you can quickly learn enough of it to take to the streets long before you actually get good at it. So he has stuck with this for four years so far. This is enough to make him able to handle fighting even adults.

Technical skill: Enough to rewire a thing or two. Can hotwire a car or a basic home security system, for example. Also learned how to repair his gear; he knows super geniuses won't always be around to help him when things go bad.

First Aid: While he was quite the achiever of merit badges in Scouts, he made sure to take this to the degree of being able to sew his wounds shut, set a broken or dislocated limb, etc. Enough to be able to continue on and get to the nearest healer.

Singing: When he was 10, he joined a boys' choir and has been honing his ability to sing traditional music.

Maverick/Wraith's equipment:

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Heart Stopper: Just a special vest that dampens the sound of his heartbeat to where he can sneak up on someone with super hearing.

Spec Ops Helmet: The visor includes the ability to see in various spectrums, including infrared, night vision, and if need be, the ability to have an overlay of a location's layout via sonar vision (like Batman had) and telescopic vision. The helmet itself provides a rebreather function so Mav can be fine in places deprived of breathable air (included poison gasses or under water).

Utility Belt: Includes his swiss army knife (from scouts), tracers (to place on whatever he wants to track), smoke bombs, oil, caltrops, emergency rations, and duct tape.

Matt-Touched Super Suit: Using his Influence Of Structural Stability power, Matt caused an otherwise normal set of black clothing to be durable enough that Maverick doesn't have to worry about constant rips or tears in the clothes.

Holocape: A cape that is entirely just a hologram. Maverick can use the cape to hide behind or look cool, all without worry of it snagging on things. The holocape has two settings; "normal" where it just looks like a black cape, and "shadow" where it looks like living, writhing shadow.

Soul Aura as seen by Andy Black: a lot of deep blue, like a deep clear mountain lake, with cyan, pale blue, cloudy grays, wide ripples of green and mint.