Lina Anomaly
Name: Celes "Lina" Goodman
Codename: Lina Anomaly
Age: 23 (Is actually over 20,000 years old)
Race: Parahuman (by GC standards) Cosmically Altered Being (By MDR standards)
Gender: Female
Team affiliation: D.P.A.
Contacts: TBD
Physical Description in/out of costume:


Energy Manipulation (Offensive & Defensive)
Spacial manipulation (portals, time rewind or slow, and teleportation)
Telekinesis (flight & moving small objects)
Psychokinesis (Offensive & Defense, no mind control)
Telepathy (Probing & talk)

Skills: Martial Arts

Occupation: Detective

Highest level of education: Self taught college (PH.D in Quantum Physics). Natural highest level is Elementary school.


During the battle aboard Lainhardt Omega in the MDR timeline, the captured Celes was caught in a vacuum that sucked her into the STC with the dying space juggernaut in its attempt to free itself from a singularity. This vacuum ultimately destroyed L.O. but trapped the seven year old Celes between time and space. There, her body aged rapidly. Not only that but infused her with the energies within.

What seemed like ages trapped between timelines, a strange alien race known as the Anomaly rescued her. Celes lost her memory of who she was while in that void. Thus, the Anomaly gave her a new name, Lina. Her surname became the name of the race that saved her.

Lina never recovered her memories yet new ones were created while she lived in her new home. The girl exceeded the Anomaly's expectations as the STC gave the teenager power beyond her wildest imagination. With time, the Anomaly helped her control that power. When they believed she was ready, her superiors sent her on her way.

Known as Lina the Anomaly, this girl travels the multiverse to help those in need.