Dane Sinclair
Dane Sinclair is 6'3", lean and muscular, with a soldier's bearing.  He's let his hair go wild, and sports a short beard, but the posture is a dead giveaway.  He has dark blue eyes, handsome features, and an occasional smile.  In conversation he is relaxed, with a goofy, self-referential streak, but in more serious situations he is all business.

He wears jeans, hiking/work boots, t-shirts or other casual attire, wears an oilskin duster when the weather is raw, and a wide-brimmed hat and gloves during the winter.  He carries a well-worn black leather satchel/backpack over his back.

He speaks softly when prodded to do so, and his voice is deep.  His eyes are watchful and alert.
Less Obvious Information:
Dane earned a Congressional Medal of Honor
He's a genuine badass; well-trained, disciplined, focused.
He registered. He's a die-hard patriot, and leads by example. Being a war hero with the medals to prove it makes him a minor celebrity.