Name: William Maters
Codename: Excelsior, The Golden Guardian
Origin:Guardian of the Earth
Gender: Male

Team/agency affiliation: New Age Defenders, The Global Guardians, The U.N., key officials in U.S. and other governments.

Experience: Has been an active hero for ten years, extremely well versed in how to use his powers, highly experienced in both super-battles and rescue operations

Physical Description in costume: Excelsior looks very much like a traditional superhero, with a full body costume, red in color with gold highlights. The suit is armored in places and is complete with gloves, boots, and cape.

Physical description civilian: Bill is a tall, well built man, in stark contrast to the skinny nerd he was in high school. He has long blonde hair, a strong chin, and blue eyes. He normally dresses in a pair of khakis and a polo.

Powers:Power of the Earth: Bill was chosen by the earth itself to be it's guardian, he channels the earth's energy into his  body granting him several superhuman abilities at near unlimited levels.
Superhuman Strength
Near Invulnerability
Super Speed Flight
Sonic Scream
Superhuman Senses

Skills: Very skilled at leading by inspiration, good grasp of tactics, strongly empathetic
Occupation:Full Time Superhero
Highest level of education: High School Graduate

Background: Bill grew up in a loving, but strictly religious household. His mother died when he was very young, and didn't have many memories of her. Her death seemed to throw his father even further into religion which became a worry to Bill when he realized he was gay.

Ironically, Bill met his future lover at church, Darren, the son of a family that went to the same church. The two maintained a friendship welll into high school both hiding their feelings from the other. Partway through his sophomore year of high school Bill was sitting in his room when he heard a voice. The voice offered him an important job, to protect the earth, and the power needed to do so. Bill thought it might be a joke, but the existence of the Legacy made him wonder. He said yes, and woke up in his bed.

At first thinking it might be a dream he sat up, suddenly realizing he was wearing what could only be described as a superhero costume. AFter some experimenting Bill realized he had powers, and what they were.  Early on in his adventures he met other teen superheroes and they joined together to form the New Age Defenders.

Shortly after the Team was founded Excelsior had his first encounter with Paragon when The Leather Avenger and Druid appeared looking for help with an incredibly powerful parahuman attacking Manhattan. The mysterious figure seemed to recognize Excelsior and by coming together the team defeated him.

Bill went on to have a variety of adventures with the other New Age Defenders as well as grow a strong friendship with many of them. During this time Darren also gained powers, and the two came out of the closet to each other and their families. Bill's father reacted Badly, kicking him out, and Meg offered to house them both.

Eventually Excelsior moved beyond Weston, earning his title as Guardian of the Earth, and gaining contacts with many different governments before gaining official U.N. sanction. After a time of operating with U.N. Sanction he was given permission to start his own team of Paras from around the world.

The Global Guardians are based on a satellite orbiting the earth, where Bill lives with Darren and their two year old daughter Bella.