Friday Winters
Though a strikingly beautiful young woman, everything about Friday Winters screams "tomboy trying to be lady-like".  She seems able to act very feminine and demure when she feels it's needed, but when caught off-guard, she's as dainty as a lumberjack with a mouth that would make a pimp blush.  This can catch others off-guard as well, as she looks much too young to know such language.

While working as the assistant to Paul Randall, private eye, Friday has been known to dress in a variety of ways, from college co-ed, to high-class party girl, but usually prefers casual clothes, like sweatshirts and loose-fitting jeans with sneakers.

Her dark hair is fairly short, only to just above her shoulders, but she's growing it out.  She wears it to make it look longer, as if embarrassed by her previous, probably shorter, haircut.    Her brown slightly almond shaped eyes and tanned skin show a mixed heritage of caucasian and Native American, giving her a slightly exotic beauty.

She is cagey about her powers, leading one to believe that there are many things that she's not revealing.  She mentions being strong and nearly invulnerable, and certainly carries herself the the assurance of someone not afraid of anyone, despite her slim 5'4" frame, with enough telekinesis to lift small objects and propel her own body, flying at speeds up to one hundred miles per hour.

Friday can be a very friendly, very personable individual when she feels like it.  Her guard is almost always up, however.  She has a cynical streak that makes someone think that she's had a very hard life, from a very young age, and is "22 going on 40".   She seems especially guarded about her past, perhaps trying to avoid talking about some past trauma.

She likes being "one of the guys", joking around with her friends, yelling at sporting events, having a plate of wings and a beer (she actually hates beer, but she seems to be trying to get a taste for it, unsuccessfully).  She has a taste for old fashioned music and television, seeming to be bored and annoyed with people her own age.