Name: Ezekiel Urban
Codename: Hotwire, Professor Para
Age: 37
Race: Parahuman
Gender: Male
Physical Description in/out of costume:

Group Affiliation: Legacy, "The Camp"

Contacts: Legacy, Machinesmith

Out of costume - Zeke, as he prefers to be called, stands at 6' with steel grey eyes and brown hair.  As he has gotten older, he cuts his hair a bit shorter to try to look more professional.  He's traded in his para-military look for slacks and nicer shirts.  Though occasionally he can be seen in more relaxed clothing.

In Costume - Retired

Powers: Electronics and mechanical objects are his play things.  He is capable of controlling, directing and operating these by touch.  Depending on the size and/or complexity of the object his body can be absorbed into it at or more usually against his will.

Skills: A bit rough around the edges he can handle himself in a fist fight, but that's about it.  Otherwise he's a rather expert mechanic and with his photographic memory when it comes to objects he interacts with, given the right materials he can duplicate with ease and in most cases improve on their original design.  The drawback to this is he usually makes it in such a way that only he is capable of operating it.


Highest level of education: GED

Background: Zeke was born to an abusive alcoholic father, who was even more abusive when he was sober.  This was usually due to the fact that the money that was meant for his booze was stolen by his wife, a meth addict.  Due to this, Zeke pretty much raised himself.  He went through some rough times but managed to get his way through school.  Still he was the outcassed, a child of a pair of trailer trash failures and it was just a matter of time that he went in his parents footsteps.  At 15 he stole the car of the star quarterback and crashed it into a tree on purpose.  By some odd chance, thanks to his powers, he made it out of the accident without a scratch and managed to elude police for some time.

He managed to work his way across the country; stealing food, cash, clothes and shelter as he could.

After arriving in Weston he was sucked into the group of heroes that went on to call themselves 'The Legacy of Weston City', much to his dismay.  During his time with them, he felt like he belonged for the first time.  While he kept to his smart and sometimes snide comments, it was more out of care for the group that gave him a reason to be more than he thought he could be.

When the parties first started, seeking to gain powers by placing those in attendance in a life or death situation, it pushed Zeke to look towards something other than fighting.  Despite his own actions, he knew the 'Field' wasn't his wheel house.  So he came forward and did the last thing anyone, including himself, would have figured he'd do.

He started working with the Government.  The world was changing and people would either want powers and seek them out or would gain powers and wonder where to go from there.