Name: Senator Donald Ezekiel Derring
Codename: Hunter (Former Retired)
Age: 55 (appears late thirties)
Ethnicity: caucasian
Origin:2nd Gen Super-soldier
Team/agency affiliation: Legacy (Founding Member, Former retired/Team  Disbanded), DPA, STA, Global Guardians, Brain Bank, Masks Inc., US Gov, US Military
Experience: Years of military service and training, over a decade of vigilante work
Physical Description in costume: Retired, no longer goes out in costume.
Formerly as Hunter: Hunter wore lightweight dark grey body armor, with a face mask covering his mouth and green lensed goggles covered his eyes. He most regularly carried a bow and two short swords, but his arsenal varied.
Physical description civilian: Donald is a handsome man with short blond hair, a strong jaw, and piercing blue eyes that seem to take everything in. He looks very young for his age, appearing more like he's in  his early 30's than his mid 50's
Enhanced Physicals: reflexes, coordination, and agility in the low superhuman levels. Strength and stamina peak human.

Ultimate Marksman: Superhuman aim, can use near any ranged weapon, can turn anything that can be thrown into a deadly projectile, can perform impossible shots consistently and under pressure.

Tactical Sense: Can instinctively tell how to make a battle got the way he wants, analyzes enemy locations, strike points, and possible moves on a superhuman level.

Enhanced Senses: Enhanced eyesight, both in distance and details.

Skills: Highly Trained Army Ranger, expert bowman, expert sniper, expert hand to hand combatant, tracker, infiltration, surveillance tactics

Occupation:US Senator
Highest level of education: Masters in Business.
Background: When the Secret Defender and escaped Nazi test subject David Wyman, a.k.a Mr. Hurt lost his mind when his wife died Donald was left in the care of Jack and Diane Derring, a wealthy couple whom David had saved on a mission for the DPA. Donald grew up believing it had been a normal adoption, but from early on the influence of his heritage was obvious. Don got in his first fight at age six, seriously injuring three older boys. As he aged he kept getting into fights, finding himself taken by a rage he didn't understand, and he kept winning. Eventually Jack had no choice but to send the boy to military school, where the discipline helped Don get control of the fire inside, and he signed up after school. Don impressed his teachers with his natural ability, especially in marksmanship, and was eventually recruited to special forces.

It was on one of his trips home from school that Don met his first love, Ellen. The two were wed before his first deployment. Don served with distinction until Jack Derring took ill and Don returned to take over Derring Industries. Jack died not long after Don got into the swing of things as CEO and Diane followed him not long after. After his mother died Don took over his charity work and to deal with his restlessness after leaving the service he took to walking the streets at night.

He was amazed at the amount of corruption he saw working with his father's business and his mother's charities, and the amount of crime he saw walking the streets. He found he couldn't stand by, and was pulled into another war, he became the Hunter. The Hunter was the first costumed vigilante of the modern era, appearing when para's were just beginning to come out of the woodwork, a good two years before the legacy was founded.

On one of his missions he was tracking a gang of kidnappers who targetted wealthy women. While he was out searching for them they came to his home and took his wife. Don tracked them down and killed all of them but Ellen was killed during the fight.

Don fell into a terrible depression, isolating himself in his home and drinking until he was contacted by a hacker that called herself Spider. Spider convinced Don to take up the mantle of The Hunter again, directing him to targets that had proven themselves 'above the law' and the two were lovers for a time. Don's enemies however figured out he was working with a partner and tracked Spider down beating her to an inch of her life. Hunter used his influence to set her up with a new identity not even he knew and returned to a solo hunt.

Hunter became more brutal and deadly after Jessica (Spider) left, until he encountered a group of fellow vigilantes responding to a parahuman that could produce flames. When it was revealed the parahuman, known as Flamethrower, was the minion of a powerful psychic known as Brain, and the group banded together to stop his plans for world domination.

The team defeated Brain and went their separate ways for a time before rebanding together to oppose the mob boss Antonio Bertelli, and afterwards the group stayed together.

After a time Hunter's identity was exposed and he was held on trial for his time as the vigilante. Eventually he received a presidential pardon and he and the Legacy were officialy deputized and given a government funded headquarters.

 After he was released from prison he reunited with Childhood Friend Eleanora Van Diemien, and the two became a couple. Shortly afterwards Jessica resurfaced with a baby girl. She explained the child was Don's, and that he must take her now that Jessica was dying of cancer.

Nora and Don took on the raising of Diantha, finding she was even more special than most children, possessing parahuman abilities at birth. Don continued to work as Hunter for the first few years of Diantha's life and during this time he met his birth father under control of a returned Brain.
David was freed from Brain's influence and he came to live with his Son and his family.

After the Death of Mirage Don retired to be with his family and joined the US Senate, Donnie was born during his first term. He has served 2 and a half terms and there are those that wish to see him run for president in 2024.