Name: Jeff Yoshida
Codename: Icepick
Age: 18
Race: Asian-American
Gender: male
Team affiliation: New Age Defenders
Contacts: Ozzy Gysbourne, Megaira Kattalakis, Hotwire
Physical Description in/out of costume: Jeff stands about 5'6, and weighs about 135 lbs. Has dark hair and brown eyes, and is clean-shaven.
Powers: Cryomancy(can control, create and project ice-changing temperature, ice blast, snowball, ice shield, ice slide (a ala Iceman), icy fists), and he can also create objects made of ice, such as swords, staves etc. He also can cover his entire body in ice, making a durable ice elemental form.
Skills: Jeff is a 4th degree Green belt in Kenpo karate (he's just starting out), so not an accomplished martial artist. He also is very skilled at computer use, somewhat of an expert hacker.
Occupation: High school student, works part time at a local bookstore.
Highest level of education: High School
Background: Jeff Yoshida was a relatively normal kid, growing up in a family of five: mother Susan, father Tadeo, and his younger sister Susan. Going to Weston High, he enjoyed the subtle activities of gaming (both on video game consoles and pen/paper) on the weekends, as well as being involved with Weston High's Drama program. His father also took him for lessons in the art of Kenpo Karate.

Jeff was sometimes easily distracted by other activities, such as the subtlety of computer programming and hacking. He even had a handle...Icepick91...that he used online. He also worked at B. Dalton's...absorbing information on every single new RPG book that came in.

One night, Jeff had come home and found his father, sitting in his study, brooding. He motioned Jeff to come in to the study. Jeff came in, unsure of why the house was dark, or why his father was sitting alone in the study. His father handed him what appeared to be an shard of ice...which DIDN'T MELT. Jeff looked at his dad and asked what it was. His father merely shrugged and told him that his grandfather dropped it by...and that it had a lot to do with his future. Jeff took the ice shard and began to find that he could generate ice from his hands. His Dad gave him a stern warning...get out of line...or do something stupid....and it could cost him dearly. Jeff nodded eagerly and decided to start trying out his newfound powers. Now, realizing he could do something really neat with this new gift, he decided to make some innovations to a Sub-Zero costume he had worn for Halloween a couple of years ago. Now he had a he needed a name...then he thought of his online handle...Icepick91...and so the legend of Icepick began...

As Jeff

As Icepick