Iris is a 12-year-old girl with what appears to be at first glance brown hair and hazel eyes. If you can get her to stand still long enough, you would realize that she actually has highlights of many natural hair colors in her hair and flecks of many natural eye colors in her eyes. The overall effect ends up being brown and hazel, though. She is pale skinned with a thin, wiry frame. She usually wears hippie clothes, i.e. oversized rainbow tye-died T-shirt, some kind of vest with lots of pockets, patched bluejeans, and sneakers. She tends to wear multi-colored ribbons in her hair. She always carries a huge backpack with patches all over it.

As a super hero, Iris is physically much the same. She wears a blue headband in her hair that has white wings sticking out at the temples and a small mask made of a prismatic material over her eyes. She then wears a simple white leotard (think one-piece bathing suit) with a rainbow running up each side that crosses over the mid-chest region. Over this is a filmy coverall and shirt in rainbow shades. She wears white gloves with a rainbow rainbow running up the sides and white ballet slippers with wings on the heel. She often carries what appears to be a glowing ribbon-dancer of many colors... among other gagets.