Name: Dr. Malcolm Dodds
Codename: MachineSmith
Age: 97 (appears early 40's)
Origin: Changed by atlantean artifact.
Team/agency affiliation: Secret Defenders, The Brain Bank, The Camp,
Experience: Served as a parahuman soldier in WW2, became a researcher after the war.
Physical Description in costume:N/A
Physical description civilian: Malcolm has short blonde hair, and often a layer of stubble. He has a classically handsome face, and a lean but wiry build.
Powers: Opened Mind: The atlantean artifact downloaded it's technological knowledge into Malcolms brain, but it also enhanced his mind. It greatly boosted malcolms intelligence, thought speed, and ability to process information. Increasing his reflexes in the process
Gadgetry: Malcolm was a gadgeteer, going into battle with a variety of weapons and devices of his own making also equipping the rest of the Defenders with specialized equipment.
Skills:most sciences, but primarily an inventor
Occupation: Teacher at the Training Camp, Consultant for the Brain Bank
highest level of education: Many Degrees
Background: Malcolm Dodds was born in brooklyn to a poor mechanic and followed in his father's footsteps. At 18 he was drafted and while raiding a Nazi caravan he found a strange device shaped like a skull with gears and crystals embedded inside. When he picked it up he felt his mind being barraged with information and his mind changing, then fell unconcious

He awoke six months later in a secret hospital. He immediately started taking the medical equipment apart. He was recruited as a founding member of the Secret Defenders along with Le Chat, Brigand, Appolonaut, and Eagle Eye. They performed a number of high stakes missions throughout the war, both losing and adding members to their roster.

Their main enemies were the Occult Science Division of Nazi Germany, and continued their battle with them after Hitler escaped the fall of Berlin, leaving a dead clone in his place. Once Hitler was killed the war behind the war was over in 1948.

After the war Machinesmith joined the Newly formed Department of Paranormal Activities, monitoring and dealing with parahuman and magical disturbances, and acting in a superhuman arms race with Russia, as well as performing secret missions against eachother.

Malcolm worked as a Scientist for the DPA during the cold war, and it was during this time he met a waitress at a diner he frequented on late nights. The two were married and had a son, but while the boy was just a toddler, Excel went missing.

Excel was a fellow defender and incredibly powerful parahuman who claimed to be the guardian of the earth. He only worked with the government when he found it necessary after the war, but the men in charge felt safer with him around. They tasked Malcolm with finding a replacement.

Malcolm had saved a sample of Excel's blood decades before out of impulse and with time and effort created a serum out of the blood and the strange energy it seemed to be emitting. The Serum was given to Eagle Eye, who volunteered.

The Serum was a success in the sense that it not only enhanced his original powers of enhanced senses, but it also granted him new powers similar to Excel. However the enhanced senses were beyond what he could bear, the tiniest whisper agony to his ears, and it drove him mad. He lashed out, severely injuring Malcolm. The injury activated Malcolm's contingency plan, a device designed to teleport him into a stasis tank if he were severely injured and connect his mind to a high tech computer in one of his secret labs.

It was his hope one of his comrades would find him, but the ones that remained dissaspeared or died soon after as the parahuman age came to a close. His wife moved on, his son disappeared after turning eighteen. He waited in that secret base for four decades.

It was the Legacy that found him, searching for information on brain and how to defeat him. He told them of Doctor Destiny, and his diaries, which laid a plan for the next generation. A plan to defeat brain. They found the diaries and with MachineSmith's help, killed Brain

During this time Malcolm formed a special bond with Legacy member Hotwire forming a father son relationship. When The New Age Defenders became Active Megaira healed his body, freeing him from his tank and returning him to the physique of his thirties. He acted as a mentor to the New Age Defenders for a time, forming a similar bond with Iris as he did with hotwire.

Now he serves as an instructor in HOtwire's camp, and a consultant for the brain bank.