Name: ????
Codename: Mirage
Age: ??
Race: Caucasian(?)
Gender: Female(?)
Team Affiliation: The Legacy of Weston
Contacts: The Legacy, Above and Beyond Investigations, ??

Out of costume,

In Costume,
Mirage’s costume varies with her mood, but the look she prefers is a long and slinky dark red dress with a short black jacket and a large veiled hat.  Two long slits up the side of the skirt reveal miles of leg and a view of her thigh high boots.  The strapless dress hugs her generous curves and ample bust.

Over the dress, she wears a cropped leather jacket that seems to meld into long gloves over her hands.  Her wide brimmed hat has a short veil dropping over her face and long dark auburn hair spills out from underneath.

Once a shadowy rumor of a vigilante, the woman known as Mirage died while fighting an otherworldly menace.  A grand service was held commemorating her heroic activities, and she faded away into history.