Ozzy Gysbourne

Name: Oswald "Ozzy" Michael Gysbourne

Codename: Painter

Age: 21
Race: Mutated Human
Gender: Male
Team: New Age Defenders
Contacts: Oswald, Lin, The Rocket, the NADs, anyone else on the mindworm network.

Physical Description

Post-Mutation:  Ozzy is 12 feet tall, and weighs a lot. No, really, a standard scale reads "Kill me now" when he steps on it. His build is muscular, and makes for a VERY intimidating look, given his height. He has two sets of horns, straight ones on top of his head, and curved ones on the sides to protect his temples. He has dusky green skin, green eyes that glow, and blond hair that goes down to his ass. His teeth are mostly normal, though he does have a pair of fangs that would make any vampire proud. His hands are big and strong, but lack claws.

Human Form: Ozzy is a little over 6 feet tall, with a very athletic build. He stays in great shape, and tends to show it off a little bit. He likes wearing sleeveless shirts with art on them, and either cargo pants or jeans. He has a full sleeve tattoo on each arm, his left is a sea of flames and his right is a clear blue sky.