Name: Demetrius Williams
Codename: Pin-Point
Age: 20
Race: African American
Gender: male
Team affiliation(?)none
Contacts(?)various street gangs in Weston
Physical Description in/out of costume: Demetrius stands about 6 foot 6, clean shaven, short hair. no costume, Demetrius tends to dress business casual, usually preferring trenchcoats, slacks and turtlenecks.
Powers: Demetrius has a radar sense akin to Daredevil's, which serves as a sixth sense and a means of detection. He can also use this sense to find weak points on an opponent. He also can copy a para's superpower (temporarily)and can even do combinations of powers when multiple Paras are present.
Skills: Demetrius is a skilled brawler, and a weapon in his hands can become lethal (his weapon of choice is a set of aluminum baseball bats)
Occupation: thug, gangster
Highest level of education: some college
Background: Demetrius went through high school and some of college to learn more about society, so that he could tear it down. Seeing the chaos in Weston, he knew that this would be the ideal place to set up shop. Seeing the leaderless gangs after the incidents in Doctors Diaries, he arose to start to lead them: a child of the streets, rising up against the dregs of society, and forcing his will upon others, making the gangs of Weston as his army.