Rodger Eskin
Name: Rodger Eskin
Codenames: Rodger-Ra the Ever-Wicked (his "official" villain name), The Rich Man, Dr. Eccentric, Mr. Evan L. Powers, LR51-D
Age: 54
Race: Altered Human (Caucasian)/Biological Android. Has angel heritage on his mom's side.
Gender: Male

Team affiliation: Project Life Restraint, and co-works with the Weston P.D. and the DPA regularly as a faux-bad guy.

Contacts: Brenda Winterbottom-Eskin (wife, very minor telepath/psychometric,
            and a postal worker),
          The Demons (actually 3 undercover law enforcement officers, his
            handlers and overseers).
          Assorted gentlemen and undercover officers bonded to/logged into his
            mana system.
          Harold Eskin (elder son, no active powers, currently 15 and in high school)
          John Eskin (younger son, angelic [Mercurian] gifts from Rodger's mother's side of the family, had severe cerebral palsy until he was 5 and is still a year behind other kids his age in school. Currently 12.)

Physical Description in/out of costume:
(As himself)
Hair Color: Bright red shot with grey.
Eye Color: Brown (Sapphire blue when angelic attributes are manifesting)
Height: 1.63 meters
  Short and slender, Rodger's rakish good looks are a bit marred by his greying hair. His face is thin and a bit on the angular side. Rodger's wavy hair is worn a little longish, and his beard neatly combed to a point. As Clumsy Charlie, his clown character, he has a bright white complexion, fat red nose, and a sad, hobo/tramp look to him. He normally wears prescription glasses with thick, tortoiseshell plastic frames.

When his wings and halo manifest, the feathers are red like his hair without any grey. However, both his halo and his wings exhibit serious damage caused by the process that turned him into an android, with festering sores and gangrenous black lines in the wings and a warped, distorted halo with bits of runes sticking out like mis-implanted cybernetics.

(as Rodger-Ra the Ever-Wicked, his black mode super form)
Hair Color: Jet Black
Eyes: Like orbs of obsidian with black hellfire for irises
Height: 2 meters precisely

Towering and imperious, with skin as white as his clown self, Rodger-Ra is not at all amusing to the casual eye. His hair hangs down a little past his shoulders, and his beard is elaborately trimmed to build upon the menace of his presence. Shadows darken his eyes and his cheeks, while Rodger's normal features have been strengthened and made harsher. His fine robes are reminiscent of a Catholic priest of some rank, even including crosses which are not inverted. What catches onlookers most of all is the palpable aura of evil, Evil, EVIL radiating off of him in waves like heat from a steel smelting furnace.

Rodger-Ra floats a few inches off of the ground by default, if Rodger hasn't deactivated the levitation intrinsic.

Rodger-Ra's appearance is based off of that of singer Attila Dorn:

(as The Rich Man, his green mode super form)

(as Dr. Eccentric, his red mode super form)

(as Mr. Evan L. Powers, his white mode super form)

(being re-written)

Brenda Winterbottom-Eskin is his wife, a full decade younger than her husband, she's a postal worker, and for a long time kept a secret from her family that she's a telepathic/psychometric mutant. Their son Harold is 15 and driving his parents nuts at this age. Their other son, John, is 12 and was formerly confined to a wheelchair (cerebral palsy) but is now only a year behind other kids his age in school thanks to Meg. Rodger is also fond of shellfish, and loves to entertain and educate his young charges.

Rodger hates mushrooms (as food, not in the wild) except in authentic Asian cuisine where he'll put up with them. He dislikes gangs (one of the main reasons he settled in, at the time, relatively crime-free Weston City), and considers reliance on guns as weaponry (outside of the armed forces at least) as a sign of a coward. Can't handle more than modest amounts of chocolate, or his stomach gets upset and queasy, despite greatly enjoying the flavor. Really doesn't like being a supervillain, but has come to accept that he doesn't have any choice about it.

 Physics (both classical and quantum),
 Plays the flute,
 Speaks English & Chinese,
 Can read several more languages, with difficulty.

Occupation: Former 3rd grade teacher. Semi-professional children's entertainer (clown). Government-sponsored supervillain.

Highest level of education:  Masters in Education, with a specialization in math/science.

#1. Five Torment Prison Uniforms (aka "Expansion Suits")
  This is the mana distribution and usage system of android LR51-D. The controls
and readouts manifest to Rodger's mind as a graphical computer interface.
  Mana storage is divided into 17 "gems", with the base unit being one-third (1/3) of a minor gem. Gems are classified both by storage capacity (minor, significant, and major) and by what colors of mana they can hold. The overall arrangement is a pattern of 1 - 3 - 9 - 3 - 1, the two 1's being the major gems, the 9 being the minor gems, and the two 3's the significant gems. A gem can only store mana of a single color at a time, although once emptied it could be re-filled with another color. When filling a gem, the entire capacity has to be charged at the same time. When discharging a minor or significant gem, one-third, two-thirds, or the entire gem may be used, but a gem's stored power can be divided into no other fractions. Only the major gems can be burned in other amounts.
  Important: The LR51-D unit needs to expend 5 base units of mana per day for operational costs! Null (0) mana quickly leads to internal damage akin to oxygen starvation in human tissues, and if not rectified within 5 hours will result in the total loss of both the unit and all personnel logged into LR51-D prison uniforms. This 5 hour time frame is the absolute maximum survival range, and fatal personnel losses could potentially begin occurring within a matter of minutes once a null mana emergency begins. Should the LR51 unit drop below 10 base units of mana, all logged in personnel are immediately alerted to an imminent life-threatening emergency and advised by the system to generate mana at all costs, even dropping undercover character roles if necessary.
  The health (physical and mental) of the LR51-D warden android is best maintained by having mana of all five colors for operational fuel. He can, however, function adequately on mana of single color if he must, although psychological counseling and therapy may be periodically called for to compensate for nutritional deficiencies resulting from this diet.
  Minor gems hold 3 of the base units of magical charge, and can be of any of the five colors. They may also have a dim glow (when oriented towards the white mana/pearl side of the structure), or a shadowy "glow" of darkness (when oriented towards the black mana/onyx side of the structure. Minor gems appear as a specific gem type, either emerald, sapphire, or ruby, indicating the color of mana that that particular gem normally stores and which significant gems it is connected to. There are three of each type. If no personnel are assigned to specific minor gems and logged in, those gems appears grayed out to Rodger's interface. They may hold mana, but cannot be used to power spell effects, only as operational fuel, and any stored mana in such gray gems is invisible to Rodger's mental readout display.
  Significant gems hold 30 base units of magical charge, equal to 10 minor gems. Three significant gems have a bright glow when charged (pearl side), three have a benighted, dark "glow" when charged (onyx side). Within each triad there is one of each of emerald (green mana), sapphire (blue mana), and ruby (red mana). These gems will normally only hold their own color, or that of the side they are on, but if a major charge is generated in a color other than white or black, or a major gem's charge is broken down, they can and will hold mana of any color. Should there be no minor gems charged, the system will immediately and automatically break down the mana of a significant to refill minor gems to prevent a null mana emergency. However, breaking up a significant gem's charge this way loses 70% of the energy, resulting in only the three minor gems whose base gem type matches the significant being used becoming filled. Like minor gems, significants can become gray and unusable for spells if no one is logged into their uniform. Personnel logged into a Uniform of the Jailer can also voluntarily break down the charge of their corresponding onyx-side significant gem to minor gems so they can generate another significant charge.
  Major gems hold 300 base units of magical charge, 10 times the capacity of a
significant gem. Major gems can only store white or black mana, each one being dedicated to that kind alone. However, if a major level charge is generated that would normally be green, blue, or red mana, it will be broken down by the major gem to completely fill the three significants next to it with the appropriate color, along with all empty minor gems being filled. A white or black major charge is stored in the gems, and is used automatically as operational fuel supplementing any colors provided from minor gems. An intact third of a major gem charge (20 days worth of life support mana) can still be used for a spell, but partially used thirds are only good for operational fuel.
  Mana colors correspond to specific themes of spells and effects, although at times the relationship between the theme and the actual spell may be obscure.
Black mana = Legal magic. The secret nature of the LR51 system as being intended for law enforcement, black for secrecy and undercover work as a villain, and black symbolizing the demonic magics that were heavily used in the construction of the LR51 matrices. These spells generally deal with the law, police, and with meta-magic adjusting functions of the system and uniforms themselves. To normal magical analysis and examination, black spells appear to be demonology or possibly necromancy.
Green mana = Money magic. Crime and money are inextricably entangled, and financial crimes are a major problem. These spells draw heavily on sayings and beliefs connected to money. There's no clear pattern to the disguise of these spells, different green spells posing as different sorts of other magic to the unwary diviner.
Blue mana = Fraud Magic. Fraud, hucksters, and deceptive practices are commonplace in the criminal world. The largest group of LR51-D's blue mana spells create fake goods, with shoddy or even "dangerous" flaws. Blue spells resemble illusion and enchantment magics to normal analytic methods.
Red mana = Drug magic. Drug-related and medical crimes are another major sector for villainy. Spells under this theme often simulate drugs or poisons, deal with drug effects, or produce effects that are reminiscent of drug-induced hallucinations or even madness. Resembles alchemical magic to mystical detections and examination.
White mana = Educational magic. With Rodger being a teacher by profession, the portion of the matrix representative of his original human self was given spells relating to the teaching profession, to imparting or gaining knowledge, or to children. There is a strong streak of clown themes across the pearl side of the magical structure as well, leaking from the white mana system and influencing the other mana colors. LR51-D's white spells are undisguised, and examination by a trained magus can readily decipher their connection to education and learning.
   Rodger, as the warden, has full access to all five kinds of magic, with a grand total of 128 individual spells built into him. Some of the other suits, such as the jailers (his demon handlers) and the heroes (pearl-side significant gems) give limited access to spell use. Certain spells, when used on another suit-wearer, can enable other built-in superpowers. These are primarily for "summoned demons" (with the subordinate suit's wearer being in the pre-defined demon role) or for mystical, fake mistreatments of someone to keep up the public appearance of the warden and jailers being the bad guys.
  However, so far Rodger knows almost nothing about his spells, and has virtually no experience with them.

#2. Fake Hell
  The android system has a small pocket dimension with chambers corresponding to each gem. If a suit wearer dies, their soul is in the chamber rather than in their body, and with an expenditure of mana a new body is created for them, identical to their original. Death caused by their own powers or spells from the system only takes minor charges to resurrect from. Deaths from outside causes, such as being shot or poisoned, take significant charges to revive from.

#3. Self-Torment
  As the warden, Rodger can duplicate the specific torments of any of the other suits in his own, making himself vulnerable to whatever theatrical weakness the subordinate has. So far, he's only familiar with the green mana "human inflation" gimmick, and men being blown up as balloons. There are spells to adjust torments and select between pre-defined options, but for the time being this is the only one he knows about.

#4. Fully-Reversible Evil
  Any harm he does with a spell is reversible, even if it looks on the surface like he obliterated someone or something. This is a deliberate safeguard in the system, that all of his spells have a strong skeleton of transformation magic in them, and if this is dispelled or properly countered, the target is completely restored to what they were before being hit by the spell. Unfortunately, this won't unlock the suits or free the wearers from a built-in torment, as these don't have that safeguard in their structure. Dispelling a demon character with normal magic "kills" the actor, sending him to Fake Hell, but dispelling it using spells from the LR51-D system does not.

#5 Angel: Mercurian Choir ("The Friends of Man")
  The only power that Rodger possesses which isn't part of the LR51-D system is the angelic bloodline that came down through his mother Sophie. However, his android state has mangled his angelic potential, and he cannot consciously call upon the abilities. His eyes flicker sapphire blue when angelic power is active, although never as clear and pure as either his mother or his younger son. His wings will not support him in flight thanks to the damage he suffered in his origin, nor can he apparently change into the immaterial celestial form, but he does have the Mercurian resonance that gives him flashes of awareness about the social relationships of people around him, and (more rarely) brief flashes of uncontrolled telepathy. If he has ever manifested the fallen, Impudite form of the resonance, no one has told him.
  Like all Mercurians, fallen or not, he can sometimes "hear" disruptions in normal reality as discordant music. Unlike a normal, uninjured member of this angelic choir, though, he cannot understand what he's hearing.