Kevin Jordan
Kevin stands at an athletic 6' with short brown hair and expressive brown eyes.  A man in his mid twenties there is something about him that says he could do better for himself than working as only an Uber and Lyft driver.  A young man with a sharp mind, there's just something about him that would allow the very attentive person to feel that his aloof personality is just a show and he really is paying more attention to the world around him than he lets on.

Of course there is more to Kevin than what his appearance would lead most to believe.

-The Daystar Suit - The suit allows for slightly enhanced reflexes as well as strength.  A cloaking device is built into the suit as well as a collapsible glider from the shoulders and along his arms to allow for gliding.  An onboard AI - Alfred - allows for monitoring of the suit.  Police band and other radio / frequency hacking equipment.  The HUD has multi-spectrum capabilities (Lowlight, Infrared) as well as a 'Detective Mode' that helps with CSI.  A grappling hook is concealed in his right forearm launched from the top of his hand.  There is also a utility belt with several compartments.  Mostly containing flash and smoke pellets as well as other tools needed for CSI and a few empty for anything he's able to develop for special circumstances.