Antoinette Rebeca Haze
Name: Antoinette Rebeca Haze
Codename: Lifelight
Age: 20
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Gender: Female

Physical Description in/out of costume:
 Antoinette is a young Caucasian lady, with a small amount of tan. She has light chocoloate brown hair that goes halfway down her back, and a pair of dark brown eyes. Antoinette has a petite hourglass body type.

Out of Costume
 Antoinette tends to wear jeans and a t-shirt, but she can oft be found wearing blue overalls. She almost always wears her hair in a ponytail with front bangs covering most of her forehead, but she can be seen with a baseball cap on just as often as not. While her caps vary, her favorite one is a black one with three yellow exclamation points on it.

In Costume
 While this costume can (and does) change colors, it is generally white with pink highlights. It is a form-fitting outfit that has a belt with multiple circles that have spherical glass embedded in them. The top is one of those superhero tops where the shoulder pads are part of the top. For the head, there is a partial helmet (the kind that allows for most of the hair to show) with a translucent visor and antennae covering the ears.

Antoinette/Liflight's powers:
Extreme Intelligence: Antoinette is always thinking more than several things at once. She could be thinking about the origin of cardboard while pondering how she likes all the colors of the rainbow and how a bee flies. But while her thoughts might seem chaotic to someone trying to read her mind, they make sense to her and result in her doing super genius things. Her love of nature spills over into her desire to make technology that works in harmony with the environment.

Memory: Antoinette is able to recall anything she has experienced. While many might roll their eyes in doubt if she recalls what it was like to be inside her mother's womb, most who know her long enough to see her recall an incident perfectly know it's no joke. Not that Antoinette demonstrates this all that often outside her trivia knowledge (her spouting trivia is usually just taken in stride as people don't connect that with super good memory so much as a strong love of trivia).

Innocent In The Eyes of Nature: Creatures of nature consider Antoinette a friend. Whether it be an insect or animal, foul, marine or terrestrial, the critters of the universe have no intent of harming Antoinette. In many cases, they approach her for love or comfort. This does not make them fiercely loyal and they will run sooner than protect her, but it does mean Antoinette need not fear the wild unless the creatures there are under some form of mind control.

Antoinette/Liflight's equipment:
Supersuit Sola:
Flight Using magnetism, Antoinette can fly up to 400 mph without making a sound and without leaving any trails in the atmosphere.

Forcefields Antoinette has a constant forcefield that protects her from bullets, gasses, and the elements (such as fire, high winds, electricity, and so on. This is actually how she is protected when flying at top speeds). She can expand the forcefield to protect people within five feet of her. Normally, the forcefield can not protect Antoinette from low-velocity things like punches, kicks, or a wall slowly moving to crush her. But if she sees it coming, she can hold up a shield (She calls it the "Holtzman Shield") to protect herself from such danger for a total of five minutes. After that, the Holtzman will need a recharge.

Color Changing For fashion and a love of all colors. Antoinette's supersuit can change its color on every square mm of the suit. While this also means that if Antoinette stays still, she can produce camouflage like a chameleon, Antoinette normally just uses it for aesthetics.

Healing The ability to use solar energy to heal people. With her supersuit, Antoinette can heal scratches and bruises in a matter of seconds. She can grant temporary immunity to illness so that a person can get proper treatment outside the heat of the moment. Given a few minutes, Antoinette can even close bullet wounds and mend broken bones.

Lights All of the suit (And Antoinette) can light up like flashlights. Its brightness is usually about that of a flashlight and can be dimmed to any degree. In short bursts, Antoinette can cause a tremendous amount of light much like a spotlight. She can keep this going for up to 10 seconds and then needs to let it recharge over the next 20 seconds.

Energy Beams Designed to cause temporarily paralysis in normal organics and robots. This paralysis lasts about 4 seconds.

H.U.D. Like Ironman, or most techies for that matter, Antoinette's outfit includes a heads-up-display visor that interfaces with the internet as well as any other device she has designed.

Rescue Exosuit: Designed purely to help out after a disaster, this exo-suit stands about 9 feet tall and is capable of lifting as much as as 100 tons. The flight on this suit is magnetic like the others, but it has a backup thruster flight system (using air). The exosuit's appearance is usually Yellow with Red highlights like rescue vehicles.

Anti-magnetism Safeguards: While this disables magnetic flight while it is on, it protects Antoinette's equipment from magnetic effects. Since her normal supersuit is not made of anything magnetic, Antoinette only has this inside the Rescue Exosuit.

Techie Watch: This watch tells the time (in any part of the world). But like many a techie, Antoinette's watch also allows her to surf the internet with top-notch voice recognition. It is also specifically linked to Maggie, the robot dog she has given to Serena.

Antoinette/Liflight's Weaknesses and Limitations:
Spaced Out: Between autism and being a super genius, Antoinette struggles to keep her focus. She is not used to the fast-paced action of normal superhero work. So her solution so far has been to make a plan (with a few backup plans) and stick to it. But when things come up that she hadn't planned for, there is a moment of time she has to spend thinking about what to do. In short, she can't improvise well. Not because she can't think, but ironically because she is distracted by thought.

Can't hate: While she is capable of anger, and even able to hate deeds, Antoinette seems incapable of hating people.

Ponderous: Antoinette tends to think a lot. Most conversations involve her thinking several seconds before answering.

Antoinette/Liflight's skills:
Trivia Queen: Antoinette knows a lot of random facts, both useless and useful. Would likely win in a game of Jeopardy if she weren't so slow to hit the button.

Healthy: Having grown up on a farm, Antoinette is physically fit. She keeps fit and tends to do a lot of walking.

Pianist: Antoinette is rather skilled at the piano, able to play any piece either by sight reading, or if she has played it once before.

Sculptor: Antoinette can sculpt with great detail. She was able to recreate miniatures of famous structures in the sands of the beach when she was little.

Soul Aura as seen by Andy Black: Primarily a pale golden, shot through with rich streaks of deep emerald like the clearest, purest stones, and swirls of cotton candy pink.  There are very few other tones, which is unusual for someone her age.