Serena Wyndham
Background: "I died. I know I died. I felt the life leave me with my blood and all I could do was hold Ian's hand and look into his eyes. I wanted him to wait for me but he went first."

Serena was born in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia 26 years ago to a comfortably middle-class family. She had quite the normal life and likely would have stayed in NSW were it not for a chance meeting with an American lad on holiday. Ian Wyndham caught her eye the moment she saw him sitting in a pub, enjoying a pint and looking at her with a smile and very blue eyes. It was storybook love at first sight and a year later she was moving to Weston City. They were madly in love and were starting their life together. He had finished his degree in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security, she was working on her Nursing degree. They married and bought a home and...terror entered their lives and shattered everything.

The group that took them kept them alive for four days and visited unimaginable terrors upon the couple, forcing them to watch as the other was brutalised. They did it for sport, because they had power and Ian and Serena were powerless. Once they grew bored they put two bullets in each of their chests and set the abandoned house they had kept them in on fire. Serena spent the last moments of her life gasping for breath and staring into Ian's empty eyes.

Serena is a mess. She lives in the home she and Ian shared and gets up, long enough to buy enough food to live off of and bottles. Lots of bottles. She's a functional alcoholic with severe PTSD who keeps almost everyone she knows at arms length. She doesn't answer the door or the phone until the sound pisses her off enough that she gets up so she can snarl at whoever it is disturbing her. The insurance money from Ian's death paid off the house and left her quite a bit of money she she doesn't have to worry about work which, she wouldn't worry about even were it necessary.

She's a broken woman in terrible need of intervention by friends who want to help but she keeps them away. It would take truly good friends determined to get through to her to help.